Which Accounts Are Americans Losing to Hackers the Most?

which accounts are americans losing to hackers the most

With hacking becoming increasingly sophisticated, regular users are bearing the brunt of it. Certain social media accounts are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks. With this in mind, we conducted a study to find out which accounts are the most targeted. We analyzed ten popular platforms and their average monthly searches in relation to cybercrime. We focused … Read more

Top 3 Cool Math Games VPNs To Bypass All Blocks

cool math games vpn

Cool Math Games’ official website is a go-to destination for students looking to play games. While some of the games offered on the site are educational and focus on arithmetic, others are just for fun. Unfortunately, some schools restricted access to the website so students won’t be playing during class. According to some opinions online, … Read more

5 Best VPNs for Starlink [+ a Step-by-Step Set Up Guide]

While Starlink employs cutting-edge security measures to guarantee user security, the internet can never be 100% safe. The VPN provides anonymity, helps you bypass geo-restrictions, and optimizes cybersecurity. What’s more, VPNs can sometimes also increase internet speed. This can be a big plus if you use Starlink and have problems with slow speeds and throttling. … Read more

List of Blocked Websites and How To Unblock Them

List of blocked websites

We often think of the internet as a place of free expression and limitless information. However, what you may or may not find online depends on your geographical location. Governments control the flow of information based on local laws and values. That includes social media platforms, news agencies, streaming services, and other websites. Let’s take … Read more

ExpressVPN vs DuckDuckGo – Which is Safer?

ExpressVPN vs DuckDuckGo

In today’s digital age, online privacy and security are paramount. Cybercriminals are always lurking, waiting to steal your personal information, track your online activities, and use your data for malicious purposes.  To safeguard your privacy and security online, you can use security-focused tools like ExpressVPN and DuckDuckGo.  But which one is better for your needs? … Read more

ZEE5 Not Available in Your Region? Here’s How to Fix It!

Zee5 Not available in your region

ZEE5, previously known as OZEE, is one of India’s most popular streaming services.  It has over 4000 movies, 2000 shows, and 250 originals in 18 languages, including Bengali, Hindi, and Punjabi. However, some of its content is geo-restricted, and viewers outside the country can’t access it. Don’t give up hope just yet, though! Below, we’ll … Read more